Woman Of The Year Now Network 2020

Glynis Wright

Simone Bell

Ella Jackson

Janet Watson

Nicolette Williams


Mrs Creative Of NoW Network 2020

Jane Perrins

Kelly Mandley

Tracy Harris

Sarah Quinton


Best New Business Of The Year NoW Network 2020

Ella Bretherton

Lauren Duncan

Kate Hunter

Nancey Mobhe


Trainer Of The Year NoW Network Award 2020

Sarah Biggs

Tracy Richardson

Stephanie Rix

Anita Dinnes


Service Of Excellence Award NoW Network 2020

Jessica William Weeks

Sarah Sarkies

Paula Caroline

Sarah Wood

Claire henley

Anne Rogers


Woman Who Gives Her All NoW Network Award 2020

Liz Carrara

Nicole Pickles

Nicola Rigby

Harriette Whelan


Mentor Of The Year NoW Network Awards 2020

Angela Saffrey

Karen Ramsay Smith

Louise Jardien

Jodie Reid


Women With Balls NoW Network Award 2020

Sonia Bourne

Christine Ramsbottom Pampling

Blanka Gal

Tracy McLaren


Number One Business 2020 NoW Network Awards

Annie Johnston

Jo Williams

Helen Routlegde