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NoW Membership

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I am here to support you every step of the way, ask questions I will answer or find someone who can.

I have  some of the best people in the world on board with fabulous ideas too.

We work as a team as I believe this is the way we should all be working together.

We meet up as a group in the Midlands UK but we can do a zoom meet to, being central we have lots of city’s within an hour of our meet ups. Coventry Leicester, Birmingham, Northampton, Nottingham, Wolverhampton. Derby plus many towns in between.

The benefits are

  • Foreing business relationships with NoW Ladies from the group meetings.
  • Aquiring up to date business information to help your business.
  • A private Facebook page to chat inspire and help others on.
  •  A discount for your first six months so you can see if you like it, instead of being £14.95 it is £10.95.
  • Attending a networking event is £10.00 but each month you can attend one for free so from the offset this is a no brainer.
  • Training on all business subjects, espically if the goventment change things to we keep you right on track.
  • With the Gold package you can have an accountability partner to help you through the start of your business and keep up to date with everything you need to know.

We have a meet up with just us members, which is fabulous to all come together, we have a massive picnic in the summer holidays so children can come too and play together. Then we have a Christmas meet up too which is fun. Also a Christmas gathering for drinks, its nice to share the past years events and memories too.

NoW Christmas Event
Never laughed so much
  • We have a black tie dinner in February with special awards for you ladies, apply, then the judges take it from there. I make it easy because I think applying then having an interview is very scary for people running a small business, I decided to make it easy for you all.

We also do things for charity, we have helped the homeless, plus helping each other when we need to, if someone is under the weather a couple of ladies will go to the business to help out.  I feel its an important role of us ladies to be supportive of each other when needed.

Helping the homeless
super helping the homeless
  •  Newsletter to keep you all informed of what’s happening within the group.
  • Discounts can be offered to other members to encourage business growth.
  • We can do zoom meetings if people would like.
  • I video most networking when we have a speaker, so you can get to listen as a member, therefore enjoy from home and listen to important points.
  • Support, inspire, encourage, engage, have empathy, kindness, caring, thoughtfulness, hope,with each other to move forward.