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When you have an idea in your head about a business project you feel like it’s your baby and you look at all angles of the project, then think about it, dream about it, walk to the shops thinking about it, drive in the car thinking about it, you’re with the children your wondering if you can fit it around the children or other commitments you have.

When you have an idea in your head about a business you decide to tell friends and family and see what their reactions are about your new business venture, some people are really happy for you and some people are completely not!!!! So then that puts doubt in your head and how many ladies I’ve just stopped there and not continued with their little dream because someone said it’s not a good idea. You continue looking in your own time thinking about, seeing, your little ideas around in your head, then you get to the piece of paper you start writing it down. Then start looking at the Internet to get ideas, and if it would happen, and if you could do it, so in your stomach you’re feeling sick and surely your head maybe swirling around thinking what are you doing, your nerves are on edge so what do you do,  do you go ahead with it or do you say well maybe not.         


Those of us brave enough to continue then keep thinking of the ideas on how things would work. Looking at risk and if things would work better trying this or that even asking your best friend  what they think? Well the thing with NoW is we have 1500 ladies of which you can chat away to all day!!!! If  that’s what you need  ask via Facebook or any social media as we are trying to help everybody. This is a friendly place with a safe place to be, completely as we make sure everybody is happy and secure there is no haters or anybody just being generally nasty. We support everybody in the way that we would wish to be supported ourselves. 

I want you to build a successful business even if it’s the smallest question just ask away everyone has to start somewhere just like driving lessons, will start on day one learning how to change gears, well this way we need to build the foundations of your business. Have templates for you to use and utilise in your business journey, I have training for you from top ladies and as we build you will see these audio information via the website. Which you can learn from for your business and integrate it into your business world if needed, I also have accountability partners of which you will find on another page to take a look because it could be something that you may like to do. I find they are invaluable just to have someone to turn to when you need it most.  Through messaging but once a week you can do a FaceTime or a zoom session to connect, have a nice chat about the business and have things are going, but they will kick your butt too!!!

  Never felt like this yeah on top of the world one moment with the business making all the dreams come true. Then the next day all confused about what your doing, not knowing weather your coming or going. Your all excited one day and want to talk to everyone about it, then someone puts you right off, then your idea feels helpless.  You want to make things happen but don’t know how to even start. Wow then you need to think about a name and what will be your colours, oh my the list is endless. 

You set up your business to have more freedom within your day because you want to support your family and you want to fit your business around your children school hours and sometimes you feel completely overwhelmed, with the thought of stepping out into the big wide business world. You feel isolated and lonely and you don’t know any like-minded people that want to do or have done the same that you are embarking on therefore people that you know friends and family don’t have their business acumen to chat to and understand. But you can be assured that all of us felt these feelings and literally it’s because you’re in the mix, with your passion and your mission for your business journey and taking your first stepping stone…

Help is at hand with NoW  Network

Being a business woman and turning your ideas into reality is a massive journey it’s a massive risk and you have to trust and believe in yourself. It’s very scary you can’t sleep you get anxious, but you have to take your passion plus take yourself in and out of your comfort zone. There are times in your business journey where you think oh my goodness what on earth am I doing but literally have to go with it. I can tell you that everyone goes through this so you’re not on your own.

Now we just have to stay focused on what we are trying to achieve, learn as much as we can all the time to keep up-to-date with changes. Keep inspired, keep the fire burning in your stomach, which is your passion. Build up your network of support,  your foundations are like a house you have to build the foundations to build the House so it won’t fall down. So therefore you have to build your foundations for the business, successful people in the business world are the people that won’t let go, they hang on tight no matter what but others let go along the way if you stay the course this will prove  you’ve got what it takes. 

How can NoW Network help

How members club now open so you can choose as a reasonable price for your business three projects, gold project is for someone who is just wanting to set up or revamp their business. Which you will get an accountability partner to help you so you won’t feel alone, setting out on your stepping stones…

 The second is a silver project is for people that have already had their business but would just like to keep in contact with like-minded people and keep that network open in case you need help at any stage. Plus having all the benefits of having Silver Membership taking those stepping stones in a more conservative way…

The last project is the bronze project which is for people that want to join in but feel they don’t need some of the other benefits from the other two choices projects. o the networking and Facebook side is invaluable for this project. 

The prices have been kept reasonable very reasonable because I understand how hard it is to run a business a small business and to pay for things that you need but it cost too much so I have done this purposely to help you and your business journey to get to your steppingstones which will help yo in the non-in the long ter.

I want to help as much as I can because I have run businesses for years from home and I understand how hard it can be and others don’t I am passionate about helping others on their stepping stones on their business journey.

Private membership is open for enrolment at the moment there will be so many time to be added to our community the information on the website will be added to constantly so templates information anything new business regulations anything you need to know. Information on training will have as a network and NoW network  and it’s absolutely fantastic we will do some editorials and you love what she comes up with there’s also training written training so if you want to follow that you’re quite welcome and it’s all designed to help you move forwards with your social media which is a must in this day and age.


Beautiful moment

business is working together as a networking group which we do doing business together through speaking on the Now Facebook group lots of loads of done business together we had 16 ladies turn up to one meeting and 27 lots of business done in that meeting between all of the ladies so it’s a hive of opportunity. Ladies are friendly and supportive no more struggling no nastiness and we want to see you successful to.

Is the network what is the now network.

This is a communicated this is a united group of ladies that are building successful businesses and they are in every role possible that you could ever imagine some of which I’ve never even heard of before. Think of the new network Think of the network as a shop the website is a shop window all the goodies inside to help you with your business journey we give you connections inspiration training support clarity focus vision goals and lots of cheerleading which is for everybody and support everybody and keep aspirations flowing. You get complete clarity for what you need to do with your templates you can just follow with your own particular business to suit you. Number Bullet points.                      




All of this going through your head. 

Feeling happy in yourself for making the right decision.


What’s NoW network all about

Hello I’m Christine and I’m here on a mission to help you, i’m very passionate about women in business especially people that work from home and have a small business that need more help. The stepping stones are put in place to help you continue your business growth on your journey in the business world so get ready ladies here we go…. 

To start your business you need a business plan.

Just thought your business plan you will need lots of homework lots of sorting information out resourcing I would always use three businesses to see which fits better with your ideas and follow the contours of their business but using your own ideas and in.      

Kate hands on
Kate working hard



Helping you with inspiration

Finding inspiration for you it’s not hard I will help inspire you to keep you going when days are bad and you will have good and bad days so when you have a good day share all your good news make yourself feel better if you’re having a bad day we will help you support you and keep you going through all the tough days.

Personas we will talk about these

We will talk about these a little further on but again it’s homework for your business get all this footwork right and you will go far knowing your business inside out will help you so much in the future because this is the foundations of your business of which everything else



Friendships Forged
friends for life

stands out. We all work hard together and it then pays off, we strive give determination, and grit to support each other.